January 21st: Release of United In Black, in Volt, Sittard!

Welcome to the BLACK LABEL website! Come check out our music here, download some of our songs, or just come and party with us live at one of our gigs! Black Lable is gonna BLOW YOUR MIND!

Black Label is Janine Wilms raw and pure on vocals, Marnix V on guitar, and wild and posessed, Maurits Colen hard hittin' on drums, and the Thunderous Yentl Brandt on bass guitar.

Click on the pic to check out our E.P.!

"Having heard this E.P., Black Label sure blows your mind! Fronted by powerhouse vocals, the band offers Rock/Metal with attitude! 8,5/10"
- Dave Smith (UK) Ravenheart Records

"Black Label plays a brand of classic hard rock which reminds of better days. The discovery of the day!
- MetalChroniques (FR)

"Their music is accessible, in-your-face, and contains influences of the old rockscene. I like that kind of shit!"
- Shutterwall

"Seriously cool stuff. "Generation Wild" is such an amazing song. Big, no excuses, in-your-face, rock 'n fuckin' roll; I love it!" 
- Jeffro Lackscheide (USA), producer Cheap Trick

"Bijzonder, zonder dit te forceren."
Ralf Rouschop, ZEF Magazine